Doug Oberhelm // BUREAUCRAT



Callsign: Bureaucrat

Rank: ^

Mech Assignment

Mech Class Role
Enforcer ENF-4R Medium Trooper

Mechwarrior Profile

Skill Rank
Gunnery 2
Piloting 5
Initiative +1
Specialties Battle Hardened -1 to piloting rolls caused by damage volume.
Other Training Logistics

Battlefield History

Pending …

Ribbons & Medals

MVP2.jpg Battle of Teutoburg Station, Orontes Mine- Interior
DoubleKill.png Battle of Teutoburg Station
Headshot.jpg Second Battle of Polynikes Plateau- Defensive Action
Nuked.jpg Orontes Mine- Interior


At a young age, Doug Oberhelm knew he wanted to be a mech pilot. He grew up hearing stories and reading about the development of new models, even as they were pressed into more and more violent conflicts. He became a mercenary for the adventure, not because of previous motivations, and so he was unprepared for the pace of mech combat, but he learned early how to stay safe and be a team player.

Few in the ADF can route supplies and communicate plans like Doug. To make up for a lack of true combat prowess, he focuses on altering opposing supply lines and intercepting communications to increase his odds when battle begins.

Despite his youth, his current stint with the ADF isn’t his first. His run with them a couple times thanks to his natural planning ability, which earned him the name, “Bureaucrat”. He has seen some decent combat, so he’s hardened, but nothing like the Blood Dragons. It doesn’t matter; if the ADF is paying, Bureaucrat will be there to get the paycheck.

Doug Oberhelm // BUREAUCRAT

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