Erling Healfdenson // CROW

Hel's Lancers Mechwarrior, Draco Company



Callsign: Crow

Rank: ^

Mech Assignment

Mech Class Role
Hatchetman HTC-SX Medium Brawler

Mechwarrior Profile

Skill Rank
Gunnery 2
Piloting 4
Initiative +0
Specialties Berserker – When mech reaches critical shape, all gunnery, piloting and consciousness rolls are temporarily at -1.
Other Training Engineering

Battlefield History

Pending …

Ribbons & Medals

MVP2.jpg MVP- Battle of Polynikes Plateau
Flanker – Battle of Teutoburg Station
TankKill.jpg Tank Buster – Teutoburg Station Defense (Maxim Overdrive)
Norris.jpg The Chuck Norris Award – Teutoburg Station Defense (Maxim Overdrive), Orontes Mine- Interior
HatchetCrit.jpg Ye Olde Hatchet – The Second Battle of Polynikes Plateau- Defensive Action
HardCore.jpg Hard Core- Orontes Mine- Interior


Erling was previously a member of a small mercenary company called Odin’s Crows. The unit was made up of almost entirely Hatchetmen battlemechs and specialized in taking urban assault and defensive positions. The unit often suffered high casualties and was reinforced from their home world Odinstar, which is on the fringe of Marik space. Erling was a member of the support unit and specialized in repair. During an intense assault, the Crows were ambushed by members of House Kurita. Erling jumped into a battered Hatchetman mech he had been repairing and raced to help his comrades. Unfortunately, while he was able to enter the fight, his lack of skill led to him being knocked out and his mech slid into a ravine. By the time he woke, Erling’s unit was entirely wiped out. Vowing revenge, Erling made make-shift repairs and found his way off world.

Erling Healfdenson // CROW

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