Gunther Von Zarovich

Captain of the Lightening Lance


Rank: Hauptmann

Ribbons and Medals

Sons of Odin Olympius Campaign Indian Hills Campaign
Mechwarrior Ace The Prestige Medal of Valor Odell’s Demons Melee Kill House Steiner Honor

Battle History

Campaign Battle CP Earned Kills
The Indian Hills Conquest Twin Hills 10 Enforcer Mech
The Indian Hills Conquest Operation Red Sun 10 Maxim Hovertank
The Indian Hills Conquest Black Blade Hill 10 None
The Indian Hills Conquest Fallen Battlemaster 10 Trebuchet Mech
The Indian Hills Conquest Starleague Whiskey 10 Riflemen Mech
The Olympias Campaign Operation Case White 10 None
The Olympias Campaign Operation Blue Dawn 10 None
The Olympias Campaign The Killing Fields 10 Striker Tank
The Olympias Campaign The Raveena Seige 10 Javelin Mech, Goliath Mech
Aleisan Fields Feldon Plains 10 Cyclops Battlemech
Alesian Fields Red Dawn 10 None
Alesian Fields Operation Friendly Skies 1 10 None
Alesian Fields Operation Friendly Skies 2 10 None
Alesian Fields Operations Repo Man 10 Striker Tank
Alesian Fields Convoy Defense Action: Echo Zulu 10 None
Alesian Fields Operation Sky Fire 1 10 Locust Battlemech

Combat Stats

Stat Rank Modifier Value
Gunnery 3 5 – Rank 2
Piloting 3 5 – Rank 2
Initiative 3 5 + Rank 8


Battlemech Variant Tons
Scorpion SCP-1N 55
Hunchback HBK-4G 50
None None None

Gunther was born the youngest son of a Steiner-affiliated lesser noble house. As a youth he grew up on legends of the great Star League mechwarriors and his grandfather’s daring exploits, and this was his greatest prospect in a society where the eldest son earned all the family wealth. Gunther’s older brothers became statesmen and bureaucrats at the wishes of his father. Eschewing that soft lifestyle, Gunther convinced his father to enroll him in an off-world training academy. Only too happy to be rid of the trouble-making youth, Herr Zarovich eagerly paid his full tuition. Gunther never graduated.

Less than a year into his training, Gunther was already a crack mech’ jockey when the Draconis Combine invaded Ridderkerk and conscripted several promising young mechwarriors. Not one to be pressed into service, Gunther signed up with O’Dell’s Demons, an elite mercenary unit with a long history of attachment to House Steiner.

Gunther’s first assignment was to the Lightning Lance, a squad of real misfits. Sortie after sortie, the lance continued to accomplish mission goals until they became known as the best of the best within O’Dell’s Demons. O’Dell himself directed them as his elite commando unit until [insert date] during an assault against a Blood Dragon stronghold, the Demons lost their illustrious leader in a fatal mech’ explosion. The command structure disintegrated as the Lightning Lance continued deep behind enemy lines. Emerging several months later from the frozen wastes of the Northern Marches of Weingarten, Von Zarovich found himself without a company.

The Lightning Lance hired out as a commando unit for a few years, until operating costs drove Gunther, now the Hauptmann of the lance, to seek a commission for his lance with the Sons of Odin.

Recognized as heroic figures in the Commonweath Crisis, the Sons of Odin welcomed the seasoned veterans into their ranks.

Gunther Von Zarovich

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