Heinz Von Steiner

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Heinz Von Stiener: Sons Of Odin – ODell’s Demons

Ribbons and Medals

Sons of Odin Olympius Campaign Indian Hills Campaign
Mechwarrior Ace The Prestige Medal of Valor Odell’s Demons Rescuer Wreath Steiner Honor Sons Of Odin Honor
Phoenix Badge Double Kill Solo Kill Odell’s Demons Rescuer Wreath Steiner Honor Sons Of Odin Honor
*Battle History*
Campaign Battle CP Earned Kills
The Indian Hills Conquest Twin Hills 10 Enforcer Mech
The Indian Hills Conquest Operation Red Sun 10 Maxim Hovertank
The Indian Hills Conquest Black Blade Hill 10 None
The Indian Hills Conquest Fallen Battlemaster 10 Trebuchet Mech
The Indian Hills Conquest Starleague Whiskey 10 Riflemen Mech
The Olympias Campaign Operation Case White 10 None
The Olympias Campaign Operation Blue Dawn 10 None
The Olympias Campaign The Killing Fields 10 Striker Tank
The Olympias Campaign The Raveena Seige 10 Javelin Mech, Grasshopper Mech
The Alesia Campaign Fortress Vercingetorix 10 Goliath Mech
The Alesia Campaign Varthier Landing 10 Scorpion Tank
The Alesia Campaign Lake Pyros 10 None

Combat Stats

Stat Rank Modifier Value
Gunnery 3 5 – Rank 2
Piloting 3 5 – Rank 2
Initiative 5 5 + Rank 10


Battlemech Variant Tons
Warhammer WHM-6K 70
Jenner JR7-F 35
None None None


Skill Name Rank Description
Forward Observer 5 Allows targets to be marked for Indirect Fire.
Sure Footed 3 Each rank decreases Piloting Roll penalties by 1.
Kick Master 2 Each rank decreases the base target to kick by 1.
Leadership 4 Each rank allows for the competent command of an additional unit.

Hauptmann Heinz Von Steiner is veteran mech commander from the Sons of Odin Mercenarys. He is a member of the Lightening Lance brigade. He is one of the few surviving members of the Odel’s Demons mercenary group, which was absorbed into the Sons Of Odin after the rest of their unit was wiped out.

Heinz Von Steiner

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