Kevin Roller

Mech Warrior - Sons of Odin


Rank: Oberfeldwebel

Ribbons and Medals

Sons of Odin Olympius Campaign Indian Hills Campaign
Mechwarrior Ace The Prestige Odell’s Demons Steiner Honor Sons Of Odin Honor
*Battle History*
Campaign Battle CP Earned Kills
The Indian Hills Conquest Twin Hills 10 Enforcer Mech
The Indian Hills Conquest Operation Red Sun 10 Maxim Hovertank
The Indian Hills Conquest Black Blade Hill 10 None
The Indian Hills Conquest Fallen Battlemaster 10 Trebuchet Mech
The Indian Hills Conquest Starleague Whiskey 10 Riflemen Mech
The Olympias Campaign Operation Case White 10 None
The Olympias Campaign Operation Blue Dawn 10 None
The Olympias Campaign The Killing Fields 10 Striker Tank
The Olympias Campaign The Raveena Seige 10 Javelin Mech, Grasshopper Mech
The Alesia Campaign Fortress Vercingetorix 10 Goliath Mech
The Alesia Campaign Varthier Landing 10 Scorpion Tank
The Alesia Campaign Lake Pyros 10 None

Combat Stats

Stat Rank Modifier Value
Gunnery 3 5 – Rank 2
Piloting 3 5 – Rank 2
Initiative 5 5 + Rank 10


Battlemech Variant Tons
Warhammer WHM-6K 70
Jenner JR7-F 35
None None None


Skill Name Rank Description
Forward Observer 5 Allows targets to be marked for Indirect Fire.
Sure Footed 3 Each rank decreases Piloting Roll penalties by 1.
Kick Master 2 Each rank decreases the base target to kick by 1.
Leadership 4 Each rank allows for the competent command of an additional unit.

spendable BP 10
total BP 34

Gunnery 2
piloting 3
initiative 10
Mech Kills 7

gunnery 5
piloting 4
Fire arms 5
blades and bows 4
diplomacy 1
leadership 4
tactics 4
hide and cover 4
stealth 4
security 2
bride 4
disguies 2
survival 3
technician 2
indirect fire 3


Kevin Roler grew up on the planet Silver in the Abby district under the rule of the Military Dictator on the capital planet of Maxwell. He is the son of James Roler a midlevel mech factory executive. Most of the mechs that they made were labor mechs, such as logging and construction mechs. These don’t have any armor or weapons but do have heavy saws, welders, and small flame throwers for clearing brush.

On his eleventh birthday his dad got him a chance to spend an hour in the mech jock training simulator. It was obvious he was a natural. In an hour he was doing maneuvers in the simulator that took trainees a week to learn. James saw this potential and wanted to nurture it. He would sneak him in at night to play in the simulator and even bought every kind of home mech game and simulator he could get. At the age of 15 he got his son a job at the factory driving and testing the new mechs. He thought this would be the greatest summer of his youth.

He found that the other factory workers did not like that he had taken a spot that several of them had wanted. I was seen as the best job in the factory, as it gave a common man a chance to learn how to drive a mech without going to an academy. Most of the workers hated him for taking it from them. He was seen as some spoiled executive’s brat, which was just playing mech warrior. Still he did the best job that he could and was noticed may times buy the executives of the factory.

His status with the factory workers changed on a hot midsummer day. There was a fire in the foundry building. It was burning out of control the coal piles had caught on fire and the fuel tanks were starting to build pressure. Kevin was testing construction mechs that day. He was equipment with a saw on one arm and a jack hammer on the other. The call came over his head set that the foundry was on fire and he was to get his mech back to its dock so that the mechs could be evacuated. He was moving before he had even though it through. The factory was placing more value on this machine than on its workers lives.

He got to the foundry and used the saw and hammer to cut a hole in the wall were there were no flames. He burst through and made a new exit. People started to rush out as soon as the bricks settled. The foreman climbed up the front of the 5 meter tall mech and told him that there were some people trapped behind the next wall he could hear them screaming. Kevin moved forward and the foreman jumped clear. He could hear the factory president screaming in his ear to get the mech out of there. That he would be in so much trouble, that he would never get in to a mech academy if he did not listen. He started to pound the wall with the hammer. Stone and smoke shot out of the hole. The people started to rush out. This wall was not stable it had been compromised by the fire. Kevin shoved the mech in to the hole and pushed up with the shoulder. He felt like he was holding up the weight of the whole building. The last woman ran out and yelled that he should run as she went past. We waited for 3 seconds to make sure that she had time to get away. He tried to pull his mech out but with the loss of support the wall collapsed. He tried to dive away but the wall pushed him over and fell on the legs of the mech.

As his eyes and mind started to clear he could hear the construction mech’s warning buzzers in his head set. The sound of the sirens from the fire tucks could be heard in the distance just barley over the roar of the fire moving towards him. He tried to get his mech to its feet but it was no use, the legs were smashed buy tons of rock and steel. There was no choice he popped the latch to the safty belts and climbed from the mech. The smoke was choking him and he was black from soot as he ran from out of the hole in the building that he had made earlyer.

He was almost scared to death by the defining roar that broke as he cleared the smoke. All of the workers were cheering that he had made it. His dad burst from the crowd and grabbed him in a tight hug that took the last of the air from his lungs. Just as he was about to tell his dad to let go he was ripped away from his father by the factory president. He started screaming to tell him where mech was. When he found out that it was lost in the fire he was out raged he raised his arm to strike Kevin but then was knocked to the ground by a solid punch to the jaw by his father James. Factory workers moved in and kept the president from getting anywhere near Kevin, and the father and son left the factory for the last time.

When it came time to apply to mech academies the factory president held to his word. The president branded him as a person that would not follow orders and none of the major academies would even give him a chance to interview. The local academy that saw him as a kind of local hero was more than glad to accept his application. So he went the local Military academy of Maxwell.

When he graduated he was unable to get in to the local guard with his reputation. He was forced to look in to becoming a mercenary. His father was against this, saying that he should use his reputation as a local hero to force the guard to take him. Kevin knew he would have to make a name for himself in combat before any major military would take him. He heard of a unit taking on new members so he put in a call that he was looking for work. He was hired on to Odel’s Demons, a group with a good and honorable reputation, for mercenaries.

During his orientation he was told that buy his scores he was being put in to a Catapult. This is a 65 ton jumping mech with LRMs and medium lasers. As soon as he was dismissed he ran to the mech hanger to see his new chariot that would carry him in to battle. The catapult was little over 9 meters tall with a huge center torso with a safety glass incased cockpit. It had huge rocket pods where the arms should have been. And it was mounted on two bird like legs. It was the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. This was no 5 ton construction mech, this was the real thing, a full blown combat mech.

There he was standing in front of his new ride gawking with his mouth open when he was greeted by his new crew chief, an old grizzled tech that knew this mech from inside out. He kept calling Kevin “Sir”. That was when it really hit him. He was a mech warrior. Not just some guy testing mechs or a cadet playing army. He was the mech pilot. This was his mech, his crew chief, his tech crew and they all looked to him to be in charge and bring their baby back in one piece.

It did not take long to get his first taste of combat. The unit was moving in to assist in defending a planet from invasion. Not only was it going to be his first mission it was going to be his first drop entry. As he stepped his mech out of the ship and started falling like a 65 ton stone to the planet below he was sure that he was going to throw up. Then the jump jets kicked in and his decent slowed. He and his group of fresh recruits were behind enemy lines and were to open a hole for drop ships to actually land. So they moved out to clear the perimeter. They quickly ran in to an enemy patrol and were joined in combat.

They were fighting a lance of light weight mechs. They were led by a spider and a jenner right behind him and three other mechs. Kevin could not believe how fast they were moving. Trying to lock onto the fast little mechs for his shots was much more difficult than in the training. These were experienced mech warriors. They were running and jumping in and out of cover. There were lasers and rockets flying everywhere. He scored several hits on the spider and got the kill shot on the Jenner. Kevin watched as his last rounds of missiles penetrated the torso of the jenner and detonated the fusion engine core. There was nothing left but the mech’s feet standing alone. The spider was crippled and the rest of the mechs fled the field, limping and scrambling over the hill. Even though they had won Kevin knew it was only because they had the heaver mechs. If they had been evenly matched in weight it would have been much worse for his group of new recruits.

He amassed 7 mech kills and more assists then he can count in the last 6 years with Odel’s Demons. He has earned the title of Ace Veteran and rank of Oberfeldwebel or Master Sergeant. His biggest battle win was the killing of the enemy’s brigadier general. It was a pitched battle against a heavy assault lance the prize being a hidden cash of star league gear. The enemy was led by the general in his atlas. Several of Odel’s Demons mech were punished to the point of shut down but none of the enemy’s mech left the field and the general was finally killed by a laser shot to the head of his mech The atlas was saved and now it is piloted by a friend who leads his lance.

Kevin has learned that it does not matter what the name of the planet or who the enemy is. Hell the next planet they may be fighting for the people that they were fighting against on this planet. Odel’s Demons are heading to a new planet to team up with a merc group called Sons of Oden in another planetary conflict against the House Kurita. All 10 lances of Odel’s Demons were sent to raid a Kurita strong hold. As them moved in to attack they were surprised. House Kurita was everywhere, mechs and tanks all around them. The first salvo whipped out most of the smaller light weight mechs. Only a few of the heaver lightning lance mech were able to open a hole in the Kurita line. We fought our way to the closest unit of the Sons of Oden. Now we few mech warriors, who survived the assault, were homeless.
We were taken in by the Sons of Oden. We kept our ranks and our mechs and have advanced where and when we deserve it. Even after all this time, it is still remembered that we were Odel’s Demons.

6’4" 235lb black hair shaved bald wth brown eyes and sharp features6’4" 235lb black hair shaved bald wth brown eyes and sharp features

Kevin Roller

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