Miles Archer

Veteran Mech Warrior - Sons of Odin


Rank: Oberleutnant

Ribbons and Medals

Sons of Odin Olympius Campaign Indian Hills Campaign
Mechwarrior Ace The Prestige Solo Kill Odell’s Demons Melee Kill House Steiner Honor

Battle History

Campaign Battle CP Earned Kills
The Indian Hills Conquest Twin Hills 10 Enforcer Mech
The Indian Hills Conquest Operation Red Sun 10 Maxim Hovertank
The Indian Hills Conquest Black Blade Hill 10 None
The Indian Hills Conquest Fallen Battlemaster 10 Trebuchet Mech
The Indian Hills Conquest Starleague Whiskey 10 Riflemen Mech
The Olympias Campaign Operation Case White 10 None
The Olympias Campaign Operation Blue Dawn 10 None
The Olympias Campaign The Killing Fields 10 Striker Tank
The Olympias Campaign The Raveena Seige 10 Javelin Mech, Goliath Mech
Aleisan Fields Feldon Plains 10 Cyclops Battlemech
Alesian Fields Red Dawn 10 None
Alesian Fields Operation Friendly Skies 1 10 None
Alesian Fields Operation Friendly Skies 2 10 None
Alesian Fields Operations Repo Man 10 Striker Tank
Alesian Fields Convoy Defense Action: Echo Zulu 10 None
Alesian Fields Operation Sky Fire 1 10 Locust Battlemech

Combat Stats

Stat Rank Modifier Value
Gunnery 6 7 – Rank 1
Piloting 5 8 – Rank 3
Initiative 10 3 + Rank 13


Battlemech Variant Tons
Wolverine 6M 55
Marauder 3D 75
None None None

Body 6
Dexterity 10
Learning 9
Charisma 7

Kills – 4 (2 melee)
PIB Bonus – (+2 Dexterity, +2 Veteran, +1 Leadership, +5 Tactics)
XP – 34,500

Mech Gunnery 6
Mech Piloting 5
Pistol 3
Leadership 4
Scavenging/Search 4
Tactics/Initiative 5
Rogue 3 (Hide in Cover 3, Stealth 3, Security Systems 3)
Artillery Gunnery/Forward Observer 4
Mech Technician 4


Oberleutnant Archer is 35 years old, and a veteran mechwarrior from a planet in the Lyran Commonwealth known as Skye. When he was old enough, his family arranged for him to attend the Blackjack School of Conflict, the only privately run military academy in the entire Lyran Commonwealth. Well-known as a solid training option for those without the connections or the cash to get into more prestigeous academies, the Blackjack School regularly produced and still produces excellent soldiers. Miles learned to handle a mech with the best of them, and also excelled in the “unofficial” classes relevant to real military life, which would help ensure that graduates survived their military careers to retire wealthy and healthy. Upon graduation, an opening was arranged for Miles to join a mercenary group called Odell’s Demons, where he fit in well and became a seasoned mechwarrior in his own right. Famous for his near legendary scrounging abilities, as well as his Sixth Sense in detecting enemy actions, Miles quickly became invaluable to the unit. Time passed and Odell’s Demons have gone into the history books, remembered only by old enemies and those few members who have survived. Following up on a lead, he has now come to rejoin what remains of his original unit, namely mechwarriors Gunther von Zarovich and Kevin Roler. Time in between these two units has been good to Miles, and he has managed to win himself an additional mech, a new(ish) 55 ton Wolverine 6M named “Tai Di” to augment his trusty old battlemech, a 75 ton Marauder 3D named “Badger”.

Kills are: Hunchback, Scorpion, Cyclops (melee), Valkyrie (melee).

Miles Archer

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