Rocky Marscapone // PUGILIST

Hel's Lancers Mechwarrior, Draco Company



Callsign: Pugilist

Rank: ^

Mech Assignment

Mech Class Role
Assassin ASN-X7 Light Fast Attack

Mechwarrior Profile

Skill Rank
Gunnery 4
Piloting 4
Initiative +0
Specialties Brawler -1 to-hit when punching.
Other Training Repair
Small Arms

Battlefield History

Pending …

Ribbons & Medals



Deceased. Action report follows:

As soon as you entered the bay you see Pugilist standing up, atop his Assassin, his upper body out of the cockpit stretching. Then you see behind him, on the catwalk, a form in a civilian mechanic jumpsuit. He has a pistol in hand. It takes you a precious second to realize what you’re looking at… it’s the BDA pilot! He sees you and the marine squads as you shout a warning and pull up your rifle. Before you can fire, he does. Pugilist never saw it coming and is shot in the head. Spray pops into the air in a mix of red mist and splatter, clearly a fatal shot. Pugilist’s body slumps over the front of the cockpit as you fire a burst, but miss. The marines start firing as the BDA pilot jumps down into the cockpit, but they are a second too late. He is now in the cockpit. You know immediately what is happening and while the marines are still shooting and hollering, you charge up the stairs of the catwalk as hard as you can. As you near the top you see him shove Pugilist’s body over the side of the mech so that he can close the cockpit door. He already has Pugilist’s neurohelm in hand. He sees you too late as you pull up and fire another burst. You miss again. Instead of hitting center mass where you were aiming, all three rounds hit him square in the face. His face shatters into a bloody mess. He falls backward into the now bloody cockpit. Dead. Pugilist’s body hits the cement below with a wet thud.

Rocky Marscapone // PUGILIST

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