Eddie Churchill

Blood Dragons Mercenary


Veteran Blood Dragons Mech Warrior


Prior to being recruited into the Blood Dragons, as a youth Eddie was conscripted into the the local militia forces of a bandit king named Harlan on the planet of Kall. His father was a commander under Harlan, and arraigned for Theo to become a mech warrior. He was then placed under the wing of one of his father’s favorite underlings, a brutal but cunning mech warrior named Vorad. Vorad taught Eddie the ways of the mech warrior, and was impressed by his cunning and ruthlessness in battle. He proved his mettle in a number of battles against Harlan’s worst enemies, and gained a reputation as not only a cunning mech warrior, but also one who was to be feared for his ruthlessness and complete lack of moral compass. Soon, his mates feared him almost as much as his enemies. Shortly after Harlan had gained power over much of the badlands of Kall, Harlan’s entourage was ambushed by Blood Dragon forces in the first stages of their invasion of Kall. None survived. Harlan, and Eddie’s father were killed in the battle, and most of Harlans outlying forces were scattered. The remaining men under Harlans command had to choose, join the feared Blood Dragon mercenary group, and fight for the communist Zedong clan, or join the disadvantaged regional forces in a hopeless fight to try to stay free from the oppressive and brutal Zedong regime. For Theo, the choice was easy, and he spent the next several months killing many of his old allies and former lance mates. It is rumored he even captured and executed Vorad, his former trainer and fathers old friend. He now serves as a veteran mech warrior for the Blood Dragon mercenary group under the direction of the Zedong clan.

Eddie Churchill

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