Yama Nogi

Blood Dragon Mechwarrior


Rank: Regular – Sergeant

Ribbons and Medals


Battle History

Campaign Battle CP Earned Kills
Alesian Fields “Pursuit of the Hunted” ??? None

Combat Stats

Stat Rank Modifier Value
Gunnery 5 8 – Rank 3
Piloting 4 8 – Rank 4
Initiative 7 7 + Bonuses 7


Battlemech Variant Tons
Assassin ASN-X7 40
None None None
None None None

Physical Attributes

Attribute Value
Body 6
Dexterity 8*
Learning 9*
Charisma 6
Hand Preference Right

Skills and Kills

Name Level
Mech Gunnery 5
Mech Piloting 4
Aerospace Pilot 2
Artillery Gunnery – FO 2
Driver 1
Leadership 2
Rifle 1
Tactics 5


Misc Details
Kills Offical Kills: 0 Unofficial Kills: 0
Experience Total XP: 11,000 Unspent XP: 200
PIB Bonuses: +1 for Dex; +1 for Regular; +5 Tactics; Brad's Wild Card Roll (Positive)

Born and raised in the Draconis Combine, Yama Nogi was the second son of a minor noble. Raised with a nobleman’s education and training, he is steeped in the code of Bushido. When he turned 18, his family did not hold enough influence to place their son in one of the more prestigious mechwarrior academies, so Nogi was enrolled at the University of Proserpina to study to become a mechwarrior. He was a good student, however, and excelled through constant practice and devotion to studies. Upon graduation, his father presented him with a fine Dai-Sho, consisting of an ancient family katana and wakizashi. In addition, the family presented him with an Assassin X7 battlemech, a real prize which gave him much face. However, because Nogi’s family was currently out of favor, he was unable to secure a posting into a regular battlemech unit. He was determined to show his family’s detractors that he was a sharp sword, worthy of a combat assignment in the Draconis Combine’s regular forces. Soon after, his family was contacted by a representative of a mercenary unit known as the Blood Dragons, and Nogi leaped at the chance to join and build his experience. He signed a contract with the unit and was soon piloting his Assassin mech with them on assignments. However, he quickly discovered that many of the men and women of his new unit were vicious and without mercy toward their opponents. Thus he himself adopted a pattern of honorable combat and avoided dishonorable action.

Yama Nogi

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