Archer's Marauder - 3D

Heavy Battle Mech


First produced in the early 2600’s by GM, thr Marauder has been viewed as one of the most effective mechs ever built. It was originally intended as a heavy support/attack mech, and the addition of the sophisticated Dalban Micronics comgear allowed it to function as a command mech in areas of heavy fighting. In addition, the Dalban Corporation also supplied the Targeting and Acquisition system, equipping Maruaders with the Dalban HiRez system. Tha fall of the Star League left many subsequent versions of the Marauder on the drawing boards.

The Marauder is powered by a Vlar 300 fusion powerplant, and it is covered in Valiant Lamellor armor, which is less massive and better able to dustribute heat and kinetic energy than other armor types. During the three Succession Wars, the secret to making this armor has been lost. The Marauder is one of the few mechs to still use it. House Davion’s variant also increased the heat sinks to 20, providing the pilot with critical additional heat dissapation located in the feet.

The armameent for the Marauder consists of two Magna Hellstar PPCs. which are durable enough to withstand hand-to-hand combat. Due to constant issues with the ammunition feed mechanism for the Whirlwind Auotcannon 5, the House Davion variant removed this weapon and its ammo racks, and replaced it with a heavy Magna Mk III Large Laser. The Marauder’s secondary weapons continue to consist of two Magna Mk II Medium Lasers.


Archer's Marauder - 3D

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