Archer's Wolverine


55 Ton Wolverine WVR-6M


This mech has a titanium alloy leg strut from his Cyclops kill for use as a club.

With its origins in the Star League, the Kallon Industries Wolverine joins speed with striking power in a mech capable of sustaining considerable damage while remaining operational. Since its introduction by the Free Worlds League’s Kallon Industries plant on Thermopolis, it has proven to be a versatile battlemech, suited to many different tasks.

The armor is Maximillian 60 grade on a Crusis A Chassis, and it is powered by a Core Tek 275 Powerplant, with three Northrup 12000 Jump Jets. The 6M version variant is built solely by House Marik, which kept the Harpoon 6 SRM Launcher, but replaced the original Whirlwind Autocannon 5 and its ammo racks with a Diverse Optics Sunbeam Large Laser and then added a second Magna Mk II Medium Laser.

This mech’s value is enhanced by the well-shielded Tek BattleCom communications gear, which is equipped with a multi-channel transmitter and receiver. This allows it to function as an enhanced command vehicle, for use in a medium lance or in recon lances operating on hazardous scouting missions. The mech has seen constant service in all three Succession Wars.

Archer's Wolverine

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