Character Boosters

Ain’t Got Time To Bleed
+1 damage with Machine Guns


Reduce the heat cost of your mech jumps by -1.

Battle Hardened
-1 to piloting rolls caused by damage volume.

When mech reaches critical shape, all gunnery, piloting and consciousness rolls are temporarily at -1.

Blind Fire
Indirect Fire to-hit rolls are -1.

+1 damage when punching.

-1 to-hit when punching.

Crete Runner
-1 Piloting on pavement.

Guerilla Fighter

May move into Heavy Woods as though it is Light Woods.

Jump Master

-1 to all jump based rolls.

Kentucky Windage
Has Extreme Range with Autocannons.

Does not require an automatic piloting roll after missing a kick.


Has Extreme Range with flamers. Flamers do +1 damage.

Rough Runner
-1 Piloting on rough terrain.

Scanner Pro
+3 Range bonus to detect concealed objects with sensors.

-1 to hit with AC’s at Extreme Range. (Requires: Kentucky Windage)

Steel Jaw
-1 to Consciousness checks.


Once per battle, you may swap your Initiative with one ally within 9 hexes.

Urban Fighter
+1 initiative in heavy urban terrain.

Water Bug
Movement penalties in water are reduced by 1.

Zero Grav Fighter
+1 initiative in low gravity.

Character Boosters

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