Battlemech Equipment
Actuator Control System
Leg/Foot Acutators: -1 to piloting rolls caused by terrain.

Impact Stabilization System
Leg/Foot Actuators: -1 to damage induced piloting rolls.

Emergency Coolant Injection System
Engine – Pilot can automatically drop 4 heat at the push of a button. Must be refilled after use.

Melee weapon – An attachment to a melee weapon which adds +1 damage per hit.

Steiner Hammer
Fist – Also called “brass knuckles” for battlemechs, adds +1 to punch damage. (Hand cannot be used while held.)

Personal Gear
Blackstar Survival Pack
Body – A survival kit that greatly increases the chances of long term survival in hostile environments.

Starleague Era Neurohelmet
Head – +1 to piloting skill.

Enviropro Jumpsuit
Body – Allows wearer to survive comfortably in hostile or non-habitable environments.

Vehicle Equipment
Impact Stabilization System
-1 to damage induced piloting rolls.

External Missile Targeting Beam
External mounted targeting system for forward observation.


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