Alesia Defense Force (ADF)
Alesian Defense Force is the name associated with the standard armed forces of the Alesia Combine. The ADF is made up of a series of different armor, battlemech and aerospace units. Though their military is small, it is powerful and is augmented by strong mercenary units, mostly from SOO, who make Alesia Prime their home.

Ragnars Raiders

Sons Of Odin (SOO)
The Sons of Odin, otherwise referred to as SOO, is a mercenary organization made up of a number of different, somewhat autonomous mercenary companies under the centralized control of a leadership group made up of Germanic military leaders of lost worlds in the periphery and highly reputable mercenary groups.

Odell’s Demons (SOO Mercenaries)
Formerly a veteran mercenary company affiliated with House Steiner, most of the members of Odell’s Demons were wiped out in an ambush by Kurita forces on New Troy. Saved by SOO mercenaries (Heinz Guderian’s Thor’s Hammer group) the remaining units of Odell’s Demons joined SOO as a new company.

Thors Hammer (SOO Mercenaries)
Thors Hammer is one of the best recruited and funded unit of the Sons of Odin mercenaries. They are seldom seen on Alesia Prime, except on R&R. It is rumored they have a secret base somewhere within the Aleisian combine.

Hel’s Lancers (SOO Mercenaries)
Hel’s Lancers is a relatively new Son’s of Odin regiment formed in response to BDA activities outside Alesia Prime. Composed mainly of new recruits, the regiment deployed to Orontes in a planetary assault from Sons of Odin command ship, Arminius.

Beasts Of Brighton (BDA)
The Beast of Brighton are a mercenary company that has long been a staple of off-world Alesian armor activities. Now, since the attack of the BDA, the Beasts of Brighton once again find themselves fighting for their homeworld.

Blood Dragons (BDA)
Classification: The term Blood Dragons is what the main army forces of Zedong Clan are referred to, both internally and externally.

Crimson Guard (CGA)
[[File:342084 | class=media-item-align-none | BloodGuards.jpg]]
The Crimson Guard is an elite branch of the Blood Dragon army. Known as more honorable and educated than their BDA counterparts, the Crimson Guard are the remnants of the military forces of Drakkis Seven, the largest of the planets conquered by the Zedong Clan. These men now fight for Zedong and the Blood Dragons, under the close supervision of commisar officers.

Serpent Legion (
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