Game Turns

In order to facilitate a game that is action packed and prevent turns from becoming stale, we have enacted a set of ground rules for time management as well as a few suggested changes that we may try to implement. These are outlined as follows and a totally subject to change, feedback and tweaks.

Timed Turns
Each player will have 90 second to complete their turn and will be timed using a customized battletech timer that will start at 90 seconds, and count down to zero. The timer will beep at ten seconds, warning the player that their time is almost up. It will then beep at 3, 2 and 1 seconds followed by a long beep. At this point the players movement should be completed, with all that is left is to place the dice. If not, the player can take as long as they like, but their unit will start the next turn at the top of the order. A player can expend a Silver Bullet to negate this effect.

Each team has two time outs, which can be used at any time during the course of a game. These are especially useful when a team needs to talk about their plan and execute smart movements. Many times, a well placed timeout can result in a tight game turning into victory.

Block Movement
Whenever a team has multiple units in the same block, those movements should be done all at once if possible. For example: Team A and B each have five players. The first player to move is from Team A. The second, third and fourth players are from Team B. These players can, and should if it make sense, move at the same time. They will have a combined turn, meaning that they have a full three cycles of the timer to complete their move, but they should all try to move at the same time to help the game move along.

Group Shooting
In the past, we’ve gone down the firing order to complete the shooting phase but we’re going to attempt to make a change there, instead of going down the order and shooting one at a time, we’ll attempt dividing up the map into firing zones and have all of the players in that zone do their shooting at the same time. This should allow us to fly through the shooting phase much faster than in the past. This will be an experimental thing, so we’ll try it out this time.

To Hit Dice
After movement the hit dice should reflect both the movement of the unit, as well as any terrain modifiers it has. For example a mech in heavy woods would add 2 to his dice. In the past we’ve had to figure that out during the shooting phase. To save time, we’ll start to include terrain modifiers in the ‘To-Hit Dice’.

Shooting Modifier Dice
We’re going to try adding a secondary dice to each unit, with this showing the shooters base shooting value. For example, if my mech jumped this turn, and I have a heat adjustment of +1 to hit, I would put a four on this dice. This will take some of the shooting calculation out of the equation when determining the shooting To-Hit number.

Game Turns

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