Mech Classifications

Assault – AT

Designed for nothing but head to head combat, assault class mechs are the blunt instrument behind any mech battleforce. Big, slow and heavy, assault mechs are built to take a beating and dish out plenty of damage. As a result assault mechs deal with damage better than any other mech type.

  • Sturdy Build: Assault mechs gain a -1 bonus to all piloting rolls resulting from damage volume. For example, a +2 piloting roll for taking 20 or more damage is reduced to a +1 piloting roll.

Strike – ST

Strike mechs are built as a higher speed multi-purpose unit capable of a variety of functions. Although assault mechs are the blunt force instrument of a battlemech army, Strike mechs are the precision instrument.

Fire Support – FS

Fire support mechs are built around the ability to dish out damage at a distance using long range missiles. Ideally, fire support mechwarriors like to deal this damage without giving their opponents direct line of sight by using indirect fire.

  • Advanced Missile Guidance: Fire Support mechs gain a -1 bonus when using Indirect Fire, which normally has a +2 penalty to hit.

Air Support -AS
Air Support mechs are built to dominate the skies over the battlefield. The design of their anti-aerospace fire control systems is what led to the dominance of mechs and tanks on the battlefield. Those systems not only minimized the effectiveness of aircraft on the battlefield, but also made the use of weapon systems like cruise missiles a thing of the past. These mechs are great at knocking anything and everything out of the sky.

  • Anti-Aerospace Fire Control: Air Support mechs suffer no to-hit penalties for target movement when firing at airborne units such as Land/Air mechs, aerospace fighters, VTOL’s, ect. (A Land/Air mech is considered airborne if it jumps more than 9 hexes). In addition these mechs can shoot long range missiles out of the sky if they are fired at long range. To do so, the pilot must designate his desire to do this during the movement phase at the time of his move. These shots count as his primary target during the shooting phase, even if he chooses not to take them.) Any weapons shooting at missiles do so at a +2 penalty to hit. Ranges are designated by the AA mech anywhere along the path of the missiles to their target. A hit with any weapon results in 1d3 missiles being blown out of the sky. (Note: Missiles fired at ranges shorter than long range LRM’s are too fast to be shot down by AA Fire Control systems.)



  • Target Designation – Scout mechs make excellent forward observers, with the same target designation systems that infantry units often carry. These allow scout mechs to assist Fire Support mechs by designating their targets.

Mech Classifications

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