Sons Of Odin

Sons of Odin
(SOO) A major mercenary organization comprised of a number of mercenary companies.

Odells Demons
(ODM) An old guard mercenary company that was nearly wiped out by Kurita house units. Its survivors were rescued by SOO, and formed into their own branch of the organization.

Red Knights
(RDK) Specializing in fast striker type of missions, the Red Knights are famed for daring hit and run tactics, and the the fire red color of their battlemechs.

Sons Of Odin
The original mercenary company which still fights as the elite branch of the SOO combined forces.

Thors Hammer
Thors hammer is a branch of heavy to medium battlemechs. They are often used as a supplemental or flank attack force alongside SOO and ODM assault units.

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Sons Of Odin

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