Wish List

All, below is a list of different resources that I’ve listed as ‘Wants’ for our game. Helping me acquire things for the game results in gratitude from your fellow players, silver bullets for your character, and beers from me. Recruitment.jpg


Battledroids Cestus
We don’t have this mech and could use one to round out our nearly complete compliment of 3025 available mechs.


Microarmor Casspir
Just another vehicle, but a cool one that makes more sense in the BT verse than models of WW2 era troop transports.

Microarmor Fennek Scout Car
It’s a badass scout car with a MG and spotting scope for indirect fire.

New official maps are being released in 2018. We’re excited about this and hope to get them the moment they are available.

Wish List

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