Alishay Jafar

Hel's Lancers Recruit, Draco Company


Callsign: Djinni

Rank: ^

Mech Assignment

Mech Class Role
Currently unassigned n/a n/a

Mechwarrior Profile

Skill Rank
Gunnery 2
Piloting 4
Initiative +0
Specialties Scanner Pro – +3 Range bonus to detect concealed objects with sensors.
Other Training Electrical Engineer

Battlefield History

Pending …

Ribbons & Medals



Lt. Alishay Jafar was a Star League Defence Force academy graduate in 2776. After a starship battle, she and her lance mate, Aristo Rayner crashed on Orontes where they entered cryostasis for 258 years.

Now awakened, she and Rayner have joined Draco Company. Still a green recruit with little battle experience, she has fallen to secondary line roles until the company commanders are satisfied with her performance.

Lt. Jafar is a sharp pilot and a quick learner.

Alishay Jafar

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