Ilien Silver

Mech Warrior- Sons of Odin


Rank: Panzergrenadier

Ribbons and Medals

Ragnars Raiders This Is Sparta! Marksman

Battle History

Campaign Battle CP Earned Kills
Alesian Fields No Rest For The Weary 600 None
Alesian Fields Hit and Run 500 None

Ilien Silver is the son of a mechwarrior named Arion Silver, who was a member of the Third Alesian Militia, a small unit of aging mechwarriors who piloted antiquated mechs. For the most part, the Third Alesian was responsible for guarding municipal buildings in the Alesian Combine. During the beginning of the recent battles, Ilien’s father was killed and his mech destroyed. The older mechwarriors of the Third Alesian were no match for the newer mechs piloted by younger Blood Dragons. Ilien was forced to flee to the lone remaining Alesian planet and has since managed to work his way into the Sons of Odin. Trained by his father, Ilien has outstanding reflexes and instincts as a mechwarrior but suffers from hotheadedness. He has vowed to destroy as much Blood Dragon machinery as possible as payback for his father’s death. He is also bent on discovering the name of the mechwarrior who destroyed his father’s mech.

Recently Ilien has begun piloting a Sons of Odin Hatchetman and finds the mech to be perfect for his goals. The ability to attack with a hatchet has become his greatest joy in life.

Ilien Silver

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