Mike Din Chao

Tank Company Commander


Rank: Panzergrenadier

Ribbons and Medals

Alesia Defense Force Beasts of Brighton Company Top Shot

Battle History

Campaign Battle CP Earned Kills Medals
Alesian Fields Hard Rescue 800 None None
Alesian Fields “Kessin Heights” 600 None None
Alesian Fields “Ardens Hills” ? None None

Combat Stats

Stat Rank Modifier Value
Gunnery 5 7 – Rank 2
Piloting 4 8 – Rank 4
Initiative 8 8 + Bonuses 11


Vehicles Variant Tons
Von Luckner Main Battle Tank 75
None None None
None None None

Physical Attributes

Attribute Value
Body 6*
Dexterity 10**
Learning 8*
Charisma 5
Hand Preference Right

Skills and Kills

Name Level
Gunnery Artillery 5
Driver 4
Leadership 3
Tactics 5
Forward Observer 2

Miscellaneous Skills

Mechanics 3 Vehicle knowledge and repair.
Rifle 1 Use of modern rifles.
Rogue 1 Concealment, stealth, and security systems.
Survival 1 Find food, build shelter and sustain without supplies.
Misc Details
Kills Offical Kills: 0 Unofficial Kills 0
Experience REGULAR Total XP: 13,000 Unspent XP: 50

Notes: Wild Card purchase for 5 CP. Crew election system.
PIB: Regular 1; Tactics 5, Dex 2, Bonus – Tank CO 3


Michael Din Chao was born to a middle class mining family on the planet Brighton, which is located in the St. Ives Commonality of the Capellan Confederation. His father was an engineer in the planet’s rich copper mines, and after a typical education, Mike joined the local militia as a tank crewman at age 16. He was a quick study as a trainee, and his force leader (company commander) recognized good material when he saw one. After serving as a loader, driver and gunner, Din Chao was given his own tank to command and promoted to Lance Corporal. It was then in 2998, when Din Chao was 18, during the days of the Third Succession War, that House Davion invaded Brighton in an effort to take the planet from House Liao. Din Chao’s militia tank company was part of a tenacious, three week defense that held off Davion success and allowed Warrior House forces to land and save the planet. He developed a taste for combat during the defense of Brighton, and soon lept at an offer for a slot in a Liao Home Guard armored battalion. Here he was trained to become an officer, and rose to become a force leader in his own right. But budget cut-backs one year saw him become the victim of a reduction in force, along with the members of his tank company, as local commanders saw infantry as much more affordable than tanks. With both a taste and a flair for armored warfare, as well as a fine service record, Din Chao sought employment in the other houses of the Inner Sphere. Together with some members of his old militia company, Din Chao used that RIF to move to a new world, Alesia, as part of the Alesia Defense Force (ADF), where he now commands an armored company in defense of that planet. His company is nicknamed “The Beasts of Brighton”, and are well known for their tenacious combat spirit. Din Chao is also assigned to cadre to assist with instruction of Alesia’s promising military personnel.

Mike Din Chao

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