Onuro Saraki

Tank Commander


Rank: Panzergrenadier

Ribbons and Medals

Alesia Defense Force Beasts of Brighton Company MVP

Battle History

Campaign Battle CP Earned Kills Medals
Alesian Fields Hard Rescue 800 None None

Combat Stats

Stat Rank Modifier Value
Gunnery 5 8 – Rank 3
Piloting 4 8 – Rank 4
Initiative 3 3 + Bonuses 9


Vehicles Variant Tons
Bulldog Main Battle Tank 60
Goblin Infantry Support Tank 45
None None None

Physical Attributes

Attribute Value
Body 6*
Dexterity 9*
Learning 8*
Charisma 5
Hand Preference Right

Skills and Kills

Name Level
Gunnery Artillery 5
Driver 4
Leadership 3
Tactics 5
Forward Observer 2

Miscellaneous Skills

Mechanics 3 Vehicle knowledge and repair.
Rifle 1 Use of modern rifles.
Rogue 1 Concealment, stealth, and security systems.
Survival 1 Find food, build shelter and sustain without supplies.
Misc Details
Kills Offical Kills: 0 Unofficial Kills 0
Experience REGULAR Total XP: 11,600 Unspent XP: 250

Notes: Wild Card purchase for 5 CP.


Onuro Saraki

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