Robert "Snake" Plissken


Rank: Panzergrenadier

Ribbons and Medals

Ragnars Raiders Double Kill First Blood

Battle History

Campaign Battle CP Earned Kills
Alesian Fields Battle of Katyan 600 None
Alesian Fields First Battle of Silesia 800 None
Alesian Fields Manticore Hill 1,000 Packrat LRVP, Long Tom Artillery Trailer

Combat Stats

Stat Rank Modifier Value
Gunnery 5 8 – Rank 3
Piloting 4 8 – Rank 4
Initiative 3 0 + Bonuses 6


Battlemech Variant Tons
Enforcer ENF-4R 45
None None None
None None None

Physical Attributes

Attribute Value
Body 6*
Dexterity 8
Learning 8*
Charisma 5
Hand Preference Right

Skills and Kills

Name Level
Mech Gunnery 5
Mech Piloting 4
Pistol 1
Tactics 5
Forward Observer 2


Misc Details
Kills Offical Kills: 2 Unofficial Kills 0
Experience Total XP: 11800 Unspent XP: 1200

Ragnar’s Raiders are a small merc unit from Sparta 6, a fringe world in the periphery. Sparta 6 was a predominantly Germanic population of various origins. Settled just before the collapse of the Star League, the planet was left to its own resources after the Starleague fell. The planet was self governed and survived that way for generations by keeping a strong military. Eventually the planet caught the eye of the Zedong Clan, a ruthless collection of communist idealists under the Zedong dictatorship, who saw the planets vast resources as too valuable to ignore. Under an overwhelming assault, the military of Sparta 6 held out as long as possible in an effort to evacuate as much of the civilian population as possible. The majority of their military was wiped out while facing the relentless assault from the overwhelming numbers of the Zedong Clan’s Blood Dragon forces. All civilian and military personnel left behind were systematically killed or put to work in labor camps where they eventually died. The remaining population resettled in on the outskirts of the Alesia combine. Their military reformed as a mercenary unit whose initial income was used strictly to feed the population. Now under the command of Oberst (Colonel) Ragnar Johannesen, they serve as mercenaries in the Alesia Combine, once again facing the genocidal onslaught from the Blood Dragons of the Zedong Clan.

Robert "Snake" Plissken

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