Vinzenz Jahns // SPHINX




Callsign: Sphinx

Rank: ^

Mech Assignment

Mech Class Role
Kintaro KTO-18 Medium Striker

Mechwarrior Profile

Skill Rank
Gunnery 3
Piloting 4
Initiative +0
Specialties Brawler
Other Training Hand-to-Hand Combat

Battlefield History

Battle of Antioch Ridge
Teutoburg Station Defense (Maxim Overdrive)
Battle of Polynikes Plateau
Ashaw Valley

Ribbons & Medals

bully.jpg Bully
MVP2.jpg MVP
TwinSkulls.jpg 241


Vinnie doesn’t like to talk a lot. What he does like to do is take the fight to the enemy. He prefers to head straight for the toughest enemy mech on the field and duke it out toe-to-toe. Consequently, his preferred mech is heavily armored, possibly slow, and its array of weapons tends to be geared more toward short range conflicts.

Vinzenz Jahns // SPHINX

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