Walram Bogner // SNIPE

Hel's Lancers Mechwarrior, Draco Company



Callsign: Snipe

Rank: ^

Mech Assignment

Mech Class Role
Centurion CN9-A Medium Support

Mechwarrior Profile

Skill Rank
Gunnery 3
Piloting 5
Initiative +0
Specialties Kentucky Windage – Does not require an automatic piloting roll after missing a kick.
Sniper – -1 to hit with Autocannons at Extreme Range.
Other Training Engineering

Battlefield History

  • Battle of Antioch Ridge
  • Teutoburg Station – Defensive Action

Ribbons & Medals

TankKill.jpg Tank Buster – Battle of Antioch Ridge

Shark.jpg Shark – Teutoburg Station Defense (Maxim Overdrive)
PegLeg.jpg Long John Silver- Battle of Polynikes Plateau
ScubaDiver.jpg Scuba Diver- Orontes Mine- Interior


Walram Bogner // SNIPE

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