Color Rating System

Casualty Ratings

BlackBox.jpgBlack – Dead/Totally Destroyed
No hope of repair.

RedBox.jpgRed – Severe Damage
Heavy armor damage combined with major critical/internal damage.

OrangeBox.jpgOrange – Heavy damage
Heavy armor damage and a minor crit or two.

YellowBox.jpgYellow – Moderate damage.
Some armor and minor internal damage. No major crits.

GreenBox.jpgGreen – Light or Undamaged
Any damage easily fixed with field repairs. Battle ready.

Supply Situation Ratings

BlackBox.jpgBlack – Critical
No ammo. Key supplies exhausted. Most basic necessities at critical levels. Resupply desperate. Combat capabilities severely limited.

RedBox.jpgRed – Critical
Little or no ammo. Very little supplies remaining. Out of some basic necessities. Resupply required. Combat not advised.

OrangeBox.jpgOrange – Low
Low on ammo. Some supply levels low. Resupply needed. Combat capabilities at reduced.

YellowBox.jpgYellow – Moderate
Some ammo and key supplies remaining. Resupply needed. Combat ready.

GreenBox.jpg Green – None
Full ammo. Fully resupplied. Combat ready.

Color Rating System

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