Combat Decorations

Campaign Badges

Ribbon Name Description
AlesiaCampaign.jpg Aleisa Campaign Combat Veteran of The Alesia Campaign
Warrior.jpg Indian Hills Campaign Combat Veteran of The Indian Hills Campaign
Orontes.jpg Orontes Campaign Combat Veteran of Orontes Campaign

Faction Ribbons

Unit Designation Name Description
AlesiaDefenseForce.jpg Alesia Defense Force Alesia Defense Force
BloodDragon.jpg Blood Dragon Army Blood Dragon Army.
ImperialBadge.jpg Sons of Odin Sons Of Odin

Unit Badges

BeastOfBrighton.jpg Beasts of Brighton Regiment ADF
BloodGuards.jpg Crimson Guard Regiment BDA
DevilDogs.jpg Duke’s Devildogs SOO
HellsLancersBanner.jpg Hel’s Lancers Regiment SOO
OdellsDemonsTag.jpg O’Dell’s Demons Regiment SOO
RagnarsRaiders.jpg Ragnars Raiders Mercenary Company ADF
RedKnights.jpg Red Knights Regiment SOO
ThorsHammer.jpg Thor’s Hammer Regiment SOO

Combat Decorations

Medal Name Class Description
Ace.jpg Ace Blue Get 5 Offical Kills.
CrazyAce.jpg Double Ace Blue Get 10 Official Red.
Norris.jpg Chuck Norris Blue Because you were bad ass enough to earn a Chuck Norris quote.
marksman.jpg Barrage Red Knock an enemy down after hitting them for 20 or more damage.
BootToTheHead.jpg Boot To The Head Red Kick a mech in the head.
BullsEye.jpg Bull Shooter Red Score a hit when rolling for box cars.
Camper.jpg Camper Red Spend most of the game sniping at the enemy from the same spot.
Dancing.jpg Dance Fever Red Knock down an enemy mech multiple times with shots to the legs.
DeathFromAbove.jpg Death From Above Blue Kill an enemy using the ‘Death From Above’ manuver.
Disco.jpg Disco Dancing Red Make 5 piloting rolls in a single round without falling down.
DoubleKill.png Double Kill Blue Get 2 Offical Kills in a single game.
FinishHim.jpg Finish Him Red Destroy an enemy that is nearly dead.
BackStabber.jpg Flanker Red Kill an enemy with back shots.
Flatliner.jpg Flatliner Red Survive 6 or more critical hits.
FirstBlood.jpg First Blood Red First Unofficial Kill in a battle
GooseHelmet.jpg Goose Blue Distinguish yourself as an outstanding wingman.
HardCore.jpg Hard Core Red Do something that rivals that scene from Full Metal Jacket.
Headshot.jpg Headshot Red Kill an enemy mech with a shot to the head.
IronCross.jpg Iron Cross Blue Display exceptional bravery and savvy in combat.
Jug.jpg Juggernaut Red Take more than 200 points of damage and survive the battle.
Justice.jpg Justice For All Red Destroy an enemy that destroyed one of your teammates.
Kamikaze.jpg Kamikaze Red Destroy an enemy unit while suffering an ammo explosion.
HighKick.jpg Kickboxer Red Kill an enemy mech with a kick to the head.
KO.jpg Knockout Red Knock an opponent out with a hit to the head.
KuritaRed.jpg Kurita Service Medal Blue For distinquished service in the interests of House Kurita
HouseLiao.jpg Liao Service Medal Blue For distinquished service in the interests of House Liao
LastStand.jpg Last Stand Blue Fight hard to the bitter end.
PegLeg.jpg Long John Silver Red Stand up and fight on one leg.
Lucky.jpg Lucky Shot Red Score a lucky hit at a crucial time.
marksman.jpg Marksman Red Hit the same hit location on an enemy with 3 consecutive hits.
MVP2.jpg MVP Blue Win MVP for the first time.
Nuked.jpg Nuked Red Take at least 60 points of damage and survive the round.
OneShot.jpg One Shot Kill Red Get an Offical Kill with a single hit.
OldPainless.jpg Old Painless Red Kill an enemy with a machine gun.
Fire.jpg On Fire Red Heat your mech to 18 and suffer no serious side effects.
Phoenix.jpg Phoenix Badge Red Eject from an exploding Battlemech, and live to fight another day.
MVP.jpg The Prestige Blue Win MVP 3 times.
Valor.jpg Medal of Valor Blue The highest Red Sons Of Odin can bestow.
HatchetCrit.jpg Melee Kill Red Get a mech or vehicle kill in melee combat.
MolaRamAward.jpg Mola Ram Red Kill a mech with a punch to the center torso.
RedShirt.jpg Red Shirt Red Die very early in a battle.
RescueWreath.jpg Rescue Wreath Blue Rescue an ally from certain death or captivity.
Seeker.jpg Seeker Red Locate and destroy a large quantity of key objectives.
Shark.jpg Shark Red Hunt and kill a much weaker, or badly damaged enemy.
SittingDuck.jpg Sitting Duck Red Get shot up while shut down.
Steiner Service Medal Blue For distinquished service in the interests of House Steiner
Strike.jpg Strike! Red Knock down a shut down mech.
Survivor.jpg Survivor Red Be the only survivor of your force.
SweepTheLeg.jpg Sweep The Leg Red Knock down an enemy with a kick to the leg
TankKill.jpg Tank Buster Red Earn two offical tank Red in a single game.
TargetDummy.jpg Target Dummy Red Get hit with 10 or more shots in a single round.
Wolf.jpg The Wolf Red Kill an enemy that is twice your size.
ThisIsSparta.jpg This Is Sparta Red Knock an opponent off of higher ground.
TopShot.jpg Top Shot Red Hit with at least 75% of your shots when firing 4 or more shots at 9’s or more.
TripleSomething.jpg Triple Kill Red Get 3 Offical Kills in a single game.
Icorps.jpg Untouchable Red Deal at least your weight (in tons) in damage while taking no damage during the course of a battle.
HatchetCrit.jpg Weapon Master Red Kill an enemy with a melee weapon.
Zombie.jpg Zombie Red Lose all external armor on five of your hit locations, and survive the battle.

Combat Decorations

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