Dice Rules

Target Dice
This is your team colored dice which is used by your opponents to determine how hard you are to hit. It is calculated by simply adding two numbers.

1 + 2 = Target Dice Value

1: Movement modifier.
This is a value as determined by your movement. It is essentially a value based on how many hexes your unit moved. This does not mean how many movement points you spent doing turns or running up hills, but is strictly based on the number of hexes from your starting position to your ending position.

0-2 Hexes = 0
3-4 Hexes = 1
5-6 Hexes = 2
7-9 Hexes = 3
10-12 Hexes = 4
And so on…

There are also other modifiers, such as if a Mech jumps, which simply adds +1 to this result.

2: Terrain modifier.
Add in terrain factors that apply to the hex your unit is standing in, such as light or heavy woods. Setting this value is useful because it prevents your opponents from having to pick up your unit to see.

Shooting Dice
The shooting dice is the gray dice, and is simply your starting number to shoot your opponent. This should include all factors that apply to your unit that effect shooting. It is calculated as follows…

1+2 = Shooting Dice Value

1: Your gunner score.
Typically this is two, but can change for some reasons. Like heat, critical damage, or other factors.

2: Your movement penalty
This is strictly determined by whether you walked, ran or jumped.

Walk = 1
Run = 2
Jump = 3

The value of having these dice set is is dramatically lowers the complexity of calculating shots. Now all you have to do to shoot is look at your opponents Target Dice, then add your Shooting Dice Value, plus range, and that is your To-hit Number.

Dice Rules

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